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SuperCard DSTWO 3DS

supercard dstwo 3ds

This card was released as follow up to SuperCard DSONE and it has even more features that users would surely enjoy. These are the features of SuperCard DSTWO 3DS (SC3DS) as officially declared by its developers.

  • ® DivX Player + Exclusive to DS2 - SNES, MAME, DOS & GBA emulator
  • PDF viewer and MP3 player built-in
  • Multiple save files
  • Save and cheats (real-time)
  • Multiple languages (French, Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
  • SDHC support
  • GBA/SNES emulator
  • Slow motion (with four levels)
  • File management system
  • Support for various files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, GIF, TIF, and GIF)
  • Support for video formats (DivX/Xvid)

Moreover, DSTWO also has these functions.

  • GBA emulation. This is made possible by the co-processor and 32MB of built-in RAM.
  • Rewritable firmware
  • Cheat code maker which can be activated by pressing certain buttons.

See also SuperCard DSTWO 3DS , AceKard 3DS - AK2i and Cyclo3DS iEvolution with DSi mode.

Different card versions and alternatives for playing game backup copies.

  • 3DS R4i sdhc
  • 3DS R4i sdhc
  • 3DS R4i sdhc


R4 DS Card - the mother of all modern day Nintendo DS flash cards. Acekard 2i 3DS is a worthy alternative to the R43DS that adds some nice extra features like online firmware and cheat code updates, better compatibility with new rom releases and more frequent updates.

The R4 DS card is the most popular Nintendo DS R4 cards sold on the market. It is one of the highly favored R4 3DS cards, which comes second after Wood R4 kernel. It can play music and videos even when you use Nintendo DS. It also works well micro SD card that has a capacity of 2GB but it does not support micro SDHC card. If you use a card with 2GB, this is already more than enough for most users. Another minor limitation though is that the R4 DS Card does not work with DSiXL and DSi.

R4i XL/LL - This is one of the latest cards released with the compatibility to work on the latest Nintendo DSi XL.


R4i Gold
This is still a clone of the R4 card and is designed to work for DSi, DS, and DSi XL. The ‘gold’ in its name is due to the gold box packaging of the card and the gold color of the chip. The genuine R4 cards have red R4i and green R4DS chips. Despite being a fake, this card still proved to be a hit in Europe and America from late 2009 to early 2010.

For watching DivX, Mkv and WMV movies on the video game consoles use SuperCard 3DS DSTwo divx Player! Regular R4i cards can play video only after it has been converted to nds format.
and there are more cards competing to be the best most compatible and cheapest backup unit or as DStwo - to add some extra features that make it unique (DivX Player, GBA emulator, PC DOS game emulation etc.).

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